Case of Carlos and Wicky


Throughout this whole week I have tried to maintain a deaf ear towards all of the accusations from the above-mentioned gentlemen, but alas my tolerance level has been exhausted and it is for that reason that I have decided to write this “first” letter of clarification.

It is now 6am on October 9th, and around 11am today I will attempt to surpass my personal record of 162 meters. This shall be my last decent before I match Audrey’s record on the 12th. I expect that after I write this letter that I will find the concentration and above all the peace and spiritual strength for these moments.

Along with me, are four of the important people that were with me that tragic day in the Dominican Republic. Tata, Pascal, Dr. Kim McCoy and the French reporter Robert Magallane. Yesterday for the first time I answered and clarified some questions about what happened in the Dominican Republic last year and within here, I will attempt to clarify a few of the things that have been escalating in reference to what happened in the DR.



  1. He was supposed to help Tata and Mat in all the preparations of all the mechanics and logistics of the Catamaran. According to Tata, Wiky abandoned the boat and departed in another boat taking along with him a dingy that  was supposed to be used to transport the dive equipment. He did not reappear until a few minutes before Audrey’s warm up. At the same time that he appeared, Matt and I were battling with the difficult installation of the cable from the sled on the Catamaran. At that point I was so irritated and upset that I yelled at him and told him that his services were no loner needed.

  2. I believe that what Tata is telling me is the truth because on various occasions I have seen Wiky at the bar by the hotel pool hanging out with friends that had come from the Capitol to visit him.

  3. It pained me to have to dive down to 90 meters to receive Audrey’s body only to find that Wiky is not at his position. At that point, I received her body from the hands of Pascal, who was trying to send her up with the emergency balloon. At that moment, Audrey was unconscious, but in my hands I still felt a pulse, although it was fading as we headed towards the surface. Those lost seconds caused by his lake of assistance were crucial.

  4. There are many more enraveled topics that I can speak about Wiky, but I will leave them for a future date.


The case of Carlos is one of the most pathetic and surprising. I could never have imagined that a fellow human being could have such low values and lack of principle.


  1. For the first time in the history of my career, the night before the record dive, during the “briefing” we had, I designated with all my pride, Carlos as the head of operations, team leader and master of ceremony. Delegating in him, the control of the details of all that had to do with the operation of this record.

  2. In aggreance with Tata, who was the superficies assistant, moments before Audrey’s decent, at the time in which I was struggling with the arming of the camera to the sled, he asked on two occasions if the tank had air, and he responded with “YES”, that I had filled it. (The responsibility of filling the air tanks was not only mine, as he very well knows, but of everyone there. On previous occasions we have descended during training dives with an empty tank.)

  3. On our way back to Miami, on various occasions, Carlos and I have had many heated discussions, in which he insisted that I should not make public the fact that I did indeed manually check the pressure of the air tank and that it was indeed full according to the pressure that I felt on my hand. This is a routine that I have developed ever since I began my career. The proof in which I checked the tank, is when the balloon arrived alone, in the moment that it began to lose air and descend down, meanwhile I was assisting Audrey, Tata, opened the tank and it still had enough air to bring the balloon back to the surface.

I am trying to make a record about Carlos, from the moment in which Audrey had her accident. Ever since the discussions, allegations and attacks have begun, Carlos asked me to stay away from all those arguments and to defend myself on our website by writing letters, to which I agreed to because I was still in mourning and very weak emotionally from what happened. Soon after I signed my contract with Harper Collins, who has bought the rights to my life story in order to write the book, Carlos began throwing hints that supposedly there was another publishing house that wanted to pay an outrageous amount of money if he would write a book that would oppose the book of Harper Collins. Soon after that, a reporter by the name of Gary Smith, from Sports Illustrated, published an article at which, Carlos had read and recommended that I do not read so that I would destabilize me emotionally. Until today, I have not read that article, I don’t know in what manner it implicates Carlos with what happened. Appears Fox and James Cameron. Carlos did an investigation of Cameron on the internet a few days before he came to visit me at home in Miami. During the first meeting Carlos was present and from that moment in which our chemistry first mixed between Jim and I, to when we shook hands, closing the movie deal, the aggression from Carlos towards me became more frequent. After this first meeting, Jim invited me to visit him on his ship to watch him dive to a thousand meters with his submarines Rob 1 and Rob 2 in the waters of the Bahamas. I invited Carlos to go with me and on one occasion during dinner, in front of Cameron, he enraged yelled at me that if I did not do what he wanted me to do that I would end up dead. This he repeated various times. A few moments later James sent for me, so I could go visit him in his offices in Los Angeles so that we could finalize the technical details of the dive that I will be doing this Sunday. The day I was scheduled to leave, Carlos showed up at my house a few hours before my flight asking me if I were leaving to Los Angeles, and asking me why he wasn’t invited. After I calmed him down, he touched on the subject about the publishing company. They had supposedly called him offering double what they had offered before for him to write this book. I responded that if he wanted to write to book so bad to go ahead and do it to which he replied that the only problem would be that the only source of information would be from Wiky and that Wiky is not credible. Without any other tools or means of attack, he then told me that Audrey had confided in him that after they did her record, she wanted a divorce from me. “Audrey and I have never touched the subject of divorce and during all the days that we were together over there, we would go to sleep and wake up with a million touches of affection engulfing ourselves in the purest form of affection on this planet, our love.” That day for the first time I felt betrayed and I was so upset that I told Carlos that if that were true that I did not want to write the book nor do the movie. And that was the first thing that he was going to tell Jim in my arrival over there. During the 6 hours that I was on the plane on the way to Los Angeles, I was trying to reorganize my thoughts, and rerun my memories, and I know that no matter where Audrey is, she helped me believe that what Carlos said is not the truth. With his mom and his two best friends. A few weeks ago we had another interview with a reporter from HBO Sports, and after Carlos finished his, he called me upset with the questions that the people from HBO had asked him. I have no clue as to what they asked him but I am curious to know what made him so upset. When we arrived over here in Mexico, we commenced the preparations for my event, and once again, the “Zorro” with the white gloves of freediving tried to manipulate the new operation, to which I opposed. The first Sunday in which we decided to go train at sea, he arrived at the last hour, in the moment he told us that he could not join us at sea because he had some last minute details to take care of at the hotel. Upon our return we found out that he returned to Miami. The next day, while I was with Domingo Palma, I called him from my cellular to ask him if he had – had a family emergency or something or if something was wrong with him and basically this is what happened:


-Carlos how are you? (Pipin asked)

-I am not doing good Pipin, because you are a son of a bitch, because you are a mother f*cker, and what I hope is that you drown on the day of your record.

He continues to say:

-I hope you die, drowning in your own blood ……. And so on.


What is Carlos’ justification? To date, I don’t know. I always knew that jealousy and hate were feelings that humans could have, but I never knew that humans could go as low as he did.

The originals of the videos from the day of the accident from the sled camera have always remained under Carlos’ custody. I still have not seen them, but I am asking you Carlos, to return them because they are my property and my parents, and those parents of Audrey.



I am sorry Wiky, but this is a reality that you will have to learn to live with. I hope that with this you remain calm. And for Carlos, you stay with your conscience. Audrey has been and will always be the one to dictate my life destiny and like I have always said, we both insist for all to LEAVE US IN PEACE.