World Record Attempt in Freediving No Limits by Pipin Ferreras

Official Press Release


Miami, FL – August 25, 2003 -- As a tribute to his late wife Audrey Mestre, renowned freediver champion Francisco “Pipin” Ferreras will attempt a single-breath dive to the astonishing depth of 170 meters (557.7 feet). By doing this dive, Pipin would join his wife Audrey in the book of records, as the deepest human being ever to reach such depth, while holding his breath. Furthermore, it would be the first time in the history of the sport that a couple would hold the record together.


In October 12, 2002 Audrey suffered a tragic calamity while attempting to set a new mark to 171 meters (561 feet), one meter deeper than her previous mark. Just 3 days before her fatal dive, she had done a successful training dive to 170 meters. The tragedy occurred during Columbus Day, in the waters of Bayahibe, in the Dominican Republic. Audrey’s training dive was officially validated as a world record, postmortem, by the International Association of Free Divers (IAFD) as a tribute to her outstanding performance. Currently, no other person has been able to reach the same depth, making her the absolute world record holder for both genders; male and female.


Pipin’s new attempt will be witnessed by many personalities; among them will be the acclaimed movie mogul, James Cameron. The much admired and talented writer/director of the movie Titanic® - so far, the biggest blockbuster hit of all times - will film the dive from two mini-subs to observe Pipin’s performance for an upcoming movie deal. James Cameron’s Production Company; Lightstorm Entertainment™ and the Hollywood giant, Twentieth Century Fox™, acquired the rights to portray the life of Audrey and Pipin in the big screen.


Pipin’s world record attempt will take place in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on October 12, 2003. – It is in Cabo San Lucas where Audrey and Pipin met for the first time, years ago. October 12 will be, exactly, one year to the date of Audrey’s departure. This new attempt will be Pipin’s first since then and will draw the attention of the world due to the extreme depth, the individuals involved and the much publicized episode of Audrey’s death in the waters of Dominican Republic last year.