Pipin and Audrey's Story


Since the beginnings of this year, Pipin has been working in conjunction with Linda Robertson on the book about his life with Audrey. Linda is a writer for the Miami Herald and for the past months they have been having regular meetings to go over the story that has caught everyone's attention.

The following is a brief description of the book's premise, written by Linda Robertson.

" A story of adventure, obsession and romance 500 feet beneath the sea.

What would possess a person to plunge more than 500 feet into the ocean on a single breath of air? Francisco "Pipin" Ferreras and Audrey Mestre sought to explore the boundaries of human endurance, and that compelled them to go deeper and deeper. They set more than 20 world records in the sport of free diving, in which divers descend to incredible depths without scuba equipment. 

He, a Cuban defector, and she, a French marine biology student studying the body's physiological adaptations during breath-hold diving, met during one of Pipin's record attempts in 1996. Their passion for each other was matched by their passion for the sea -- their "second home." This tale of romance and danger follows their lives in and

out of the water, through Pipin's brushes with disaster and Audrey's emergence from the roles of wife and pupil to the world's best. Her career ended tragically on Oct. 12, 2002, when she was attempting to break her own record in the Dominican Republic and she drowned. Pipin not only brought her body to the surface but several days later took her ashes to the ocean floor. 

The book examines Audrey's final dive and Pipin's grief, as he wrestles with guilt, bitterness and the question of how to continue free diving without her.

This book would appeal to outdoors enthusiasts, divers, and extreme sports followers, as well as readers today who seek the feeling of living on the edge, who want to know about the challenges risk-takers embrace and who cannot resist a dramatic love story."

The exact date for the book's publication has not been announce but we will post it here as soon as it is.