Update on Pipin's Homage Dive

The organization for Pipin's dive in memory of his beloved Audrey, to take place on October 12th, 2003 is going forward. The city of Cabos San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico, has been selected as the location for the dive, due to its emotional significance: Pipin and Audrey met in that city while he was doing a World Record.

The coordination of the record is in hands of Carlos Serra, and once more, Pipin's friend and organizer of his 1996 records, Tio Ayuso, will take care of the land production.

Pipin has received confirmation on the participation of the 15 most important key players of Pipin's previous World Record attempts. These people have been part of Pipin's team in different occasions and they will be working together again for five weeks before the dive as a homage for Audrey. In next announcements, we will be providing the names of these team members.

Until now, the sponsors of this event are the City of Los Cabos and Tio WaterSports.

Pipin's Training Schedule

We will be posting pictures and comments about Pipin's training, so come back soon!