Pipin's announcement for his next record attempt is getting everyone's attention. After the passing of his beloved wife and our missed friend Audrey, many people kept wondering if Pipin would ever get back in the water for another record. He did say, "Yes, I will", but from saying it to actually doing it… well, there is a big difference. Particularly, when the people close to Pipin knows about many announcements made by him in the past that never came about. Now, that’s a different story, isn't it? Whatever the case, happens that salt water is just part of his DNA, so the answer is a big YES!

In August 11, the same day of Audrey’s birthday, Pipin will attempt to match her last successful and extraordinary dive; 170 meters. This record was made official, postmortem, by the IAFD as a tribute to her memory despite just being a training dive for her 171 meters attempt of October 12, 2002.

There are many aspects that will make this particular attempt quite different from the previous he has ever tried. However, the main element - and most important - to be considered at this point (other important elements will be disclosed in future communiqués) is that the event will be a tribute for Audrey's memory. Pipin feels obligated to attempt this tribute, he needs it for his own peace of mind. Let’s not forget that Pipin was not only Audrey’s husband but his trainer and mentor. So, this record attempt, at least this one time, will not be all about Pipin, instead, it will be about Audrey. 

The attempt will be a tribute to her perseverance, her well behave attitude (refreshing in this egotistical, vain and narcissistic driven Freediving industry), her athletic and mental toughness and her legacy to the sport. 

Nevertheless, the challenge is a big one; there is curiosity from most people but concern in those around Pipin. No Limits is the deepest and most extreme of the Freediving categories and 170 meters is not a walk-in-the-park. Assuming that all the mechanical aspects, safety issues and emergency procedures has been (and they will be) covered, there is still a big question mark; how would Pipin’s 40+ years old and somewhat abused body resist the crushing pressure of 18 atmospheres? 

Scientist will probably say, “Impossible!” but, isn’t that what they said when the living legend of the sport, Enzo Maiorca, announced his descend to 50 meters? Or Jacques Mayol’s 100 meter dive? They all survived, right? So, we can only hope that Pipin will too! If someone can pull this one out is him. 

More to come!