FREEDIVERPRO is the result of many years of experience acquired by a major manufacturer of diving equipment, combined with the expertise of Multiple Freediving World Record holder, “Pipin” Ferreras. After many years in competitions and breaking world records, Pipin has tested many different types of equipment, particularly the ones from his long-time sponsor, MARES. As an avid freediver and Spearfisherman, he’s been searching for the best equipment there is.   

As a natural result, Pipin has a personal preference for specific items, the ones he considers the most productive and high performance. Well, the search is over, FREEDIVERPRO brings you that experience with its current line of Masks, Snorkels, Fins, Spearguns and Wetsuits (the last two items are currently in production). 

Go ahead now, take advantage of Pipin’s expertise, make a selection and use our secured shopping cart to buy online.




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