" I’m living moments in which my emotional and sentimental life has been shattered in the most painful and dramatic of ways. I never imagined that I could lose the person who I loved most in all my life. I feel that I have the duty, even more, the obligation, in Audrey’s name and in my own, to share with all lovers of the sea and of its underwater realm, the story of the exceptional and pure life of the “OceanWoman” to whom I had the honor and luck of sharing the 7 dearest years of my life.

My newfound outlook of the world is one that Audrey helped me see through our relationship. It was based on a group of experiences that we lived together, that turned me into a more intuitive and humble human being, capable of comprehending new rational perceptions which, in an intellectual way, made me change my views about our lives and the mission of our union.  

That new perception that Audrey decisively triggered within me, awoke something very important that, up to then, was within me in galactic proportions and diffused forms: a mature and complete love that grows within you when you have the luck of meeting a special woman. Many scientists, poets and writers have denominated this union between two entities “my other half”, “my alter ego”, or  “my soul mate”. Regardless of how this spiritual and intellectual identification is named, the truth is that from the beginning of our union, she admirably indicated a new trajectory that gave me a new sense of life, and thanks to that, our professional careers were lead in a rising and successful way.

By the end of 1996, a few months after we started living together, and after her important participation in the success of my two first records in Cabo San Lucas, she slowly started to plan a silent sentimental strategy in our relationship, carefully injecting in my sub conscience a new interpretation related to my mythological concept about freediving. She was progressively molding in me a valuable change more accessible for her as a couple and for other enthusiast of freediving records, including my own adversaries.

To continue with our goals, with our projects, to solidify the philosophy of the IAFD, to make our dreams come true, to impulse new talents that challenge the abyss, to attempt surpassing the –200 meters barrier… these were the persistent missions that characterized our relationship…now more than ever I feel the obligation, for her, to make these missions a reality.

Few days after I scattered her ashes in the sea, around the same coordinates where for many years she trained, I returned with her parents to visit her where she now rests. When we were going back home I started to feel a sensation similar to a trance, of incessant, latent and clear intensity, that fused me in a new bond with her. At the beginning, this new way of communication confused me. I fought with all my heart to avoid this connection, and once again, I tried to bring her back with my thoughts…now I’m starting to accept, and this communication has become more fluent and frequent. I’m eternally grateful to that mysterious force that allows me to be in constant contact with her, granting me this union of higher dimensions, which gives me a different view of our underwater world. A world that I can now explore through her eyes; perceive its temperature through her skin. And at the same time, she can continue her contact with our beloved world through my own sensations.

 I will always have the message, shared with her, that one of our ancestors left: “… we are here…not for evil…not for good…For the never, for the ever, for the eternity. Under the incessant flow, there are only repetitions. In these times, there are other times; in each person there people from other times and other places. Repeating lives in other dimensions, with other lives, that not always reached the truth of what they were.”